Today in the city Kerman 29.04.2017
Karma Automotive Describes Its Ideal Customer For The $130,000 Revero Hybrid

Credit: Karma Automotive Close to 2,000 buyers took a chance on the six-figure Fisker Karma hybrid when the startup competed with a fledgling Tesla 10 years ago. Fisker ended production within two yea...

US nuclear bombers fly over Korean peninsula in joint exercises – video

United States nuclear bombers, supported by US and South Korean fighter jets, fly near the border with North Korea on Tuesday. US Forces Korean Commander General Vincent K Brooks says the exercises we...

British cartoon 'Fireman Sam' won't be investigated after bizarrely showing character 'treading on Koran'

Ofcom, the British media regulator, has decided against investigating Channel 5 cartoon "Fireman Sam" after an episode showed a character apparently treading on a copy of the Koran. Ofcom said it woul...

Samsung tells Korean customers to stop using Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics has recommended South Korean customers to stop using the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which the company is recalling worldwide after several dozen of the devices caught fire

These Korean Temporary Brow Tattoos Will Radically Reshape Your Arches

Our collective obsession with thick brows shows no signs of fading. If anything, it’s grown stronger—see the microblade craze, in which technicians embed semi-permanent pigment into the skin with fine...

It's Alive! Karma Reanimates Early Tesla Rival Targeting Luxury Hybrid Niche

Karma Automotive begins the long process of resurrecting an intriguing vehicle with a troubled history with its $130,000 Revero

What's Next in Korean Beauty

If you want a crystal ball into next year’s popular American beauty trends, look to the South Korean beauty industry. To find out what to expect next in Korean beauty (and, several years later, Americ...

Container Ships Stranded At Sea After South Korean Company Goes Bankrupt

Dozens of giant container ships are bobbing around the oceans with no place to dock, after a South Korean shipping company went bankrupt. The stranded cargo may include as many as 500,000 containers.

This Is 50—Karen Alexander Steps Back Into the Spotlight

Karen Alexander knows you don’t exactly think she’s “Super.” “It’s funny, I always thought of the ‘supers’ as Cindy, Christy, Naomi, and Linda,” says Alexander, who may not be as technically well know...

Would You Like A Side Of Propaganda? Lunch At A North Korean Restaurant

North Korean karaoke videos in the background, decent food and a free copy of the works of Kim Il Sung: a dispatch from inside one of Pyongyang's currency-making outposts.

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